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I used to wear contacts exclusively, and the ladies at 20/20 Optometry encouraged me to try on a few frames. They picked out for me, and I fell in love with one immediately. Now I exclusively wear glasses and get compliments on my frame almost every day... A. Ing
Unlike many health care facilities, 20/20 Optometry is staffed by humans who actually behave like humans who like other humans. Dr. Truong works quickly and is very approachable, likable, and does a thorough job of making sure the prescription is accurate. All in all, the most pl.. A. Neymeyr
"I have been going to 20/20 since 2004. Shaun has been my "personal shopper" for eyewear, she remembers me and my preferences, listens to my needs and helps me pick the right frames every time. Everyone loves my eyewear "wardrobe".. A. Parsons
First of all, you will never come to a better place to improve your vision. The service an d the actual finished product far exceed anywhere I have ever been previously. My previous glasses were a disaster and took away from my ability to look good wearing glasses. After my visit.. A.Teboul
I read about dry eyes in a brochure at Dr. Lee’s office awaiting my first appointment/ visit. It seemed I had this as all the symptoms sounded familiar. Dr. Lee agreed I did have dry eyes and set me up on a plan to decrease the irritation in my eyes. A few weeks later, most.. C. Garcia
My first visit to this office -- very pleased with greetings upon arrival. Front desk gal is very friendly and Dr. Truong made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough in explaining the results of my tests and my needs. Vangie was helpful in going over my insurance plans. T.. E. Amistad
My entire family had been using 20/20 Optometry for about 18 months now and we are so happy to have found this wonderful practice. We are patients of Dr. Truong. Her eye exams are very thorough and she takes time to explain all results to you and makes sure to answer all your que.. J. Whitten
I cannot believe the change I had. I REFUSE to live the life with out the magic glasses Dr. Lee gave to me. I feel much better and relaxed after Dr. Lee found my eye problem and fix it. I have been fighting with it for over 20 years. I really wish I have seen Dr. Lee earlier in m.. J. Zhu
What a wonderful experience - Great people, great products, great service. Shaun is the best! I will refer everyone here. If I have to wear glasses, they should be fun – she gets it!.. L. Osborne
LASIK has given me a new found freedom from glasses that I haven’t had for over 10 years. I can’t explain how great it is to work and stay without the hassle of wearing glasses and the burden of needing to take them with me wherever I go... M. Torrez
A visual trip to the "eye doctor" seems like the most "boring" thing that must get done. However, at 20/20 Optometry, my experience was fun. The whole office staffs made my visit fun and exciting. Kudos to the doctor and her staff... V.Delgado
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comprehensive eye exam in the bay area, ca

eye exam in the bay area, ca

Comprehensive Eye Exams - Serving the Bay Area, CA

We recommend a comprehensive eye exam annually.  Patients are using the computer all day and then use digital devices like the tablet and smartphone too.  The eyes are more likely to change because of the increased amount of total screen time.  We believe in preventative eye care.  It is even more important than ever for patients to get their eyes checked.

Patients generally prolong seeing an eye doctor until they suffer from bad headaches, eyestrain, watery eyes, tired eyes, or other symptoms.  By this time, not only is the work negatively affected, the patient's lifestyle is impacted too.  So, why wait until you have a problem when it can be fixed today.  Call our office to make this important appointment today!

Our comprehensive eye exam includes:

  1. Complete evaluation of visual symptoms, visual requirements, diagnosis, and treatment
  2. Refraction for glasses prescription
  3. Contact Lens Evaluation, performed as needed
  4. Ocular motility testing/ depth perceptual (3D) testing
  5. Automated visual field testing
  6. Eye balance testing
  7. Color vision - Ishihara or Farnsworth D-15 testing
  8. Glaucoma testing
  9. Cataract testing
  10. Diabetes testing - use of retinal photos or dilation
  11. Blood Pressure
  12. Complete eye health assessment
  13. Retinal examination