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I used to wear contacts exclusively, and the ladies at 20/20 Optometry encouraged me to try on a few frames. They picked out for me, and I fell in love with one immediately. Now I exclusively wear glasses and get compliments on my frame almost every day... A. Ing
Unlike many health care facilities, 20/20 Optometry is staffed by humans who actually behave like humans who like other humans. Dr. Truong works quickly and is very approachable, likable, and does a thorough job of making sure the prescription is accurate. All in all, the most pl.. A. Neymeyr
"I have been going to 20/20 since 2004. Shaun has been my "personal shopper" for eyewear, she remembers me and my preferences, listens to my needs and helps me pick the right frames every time. Everyone loves my eyewear "wardrobe".. A. Parsons
First of all, you will never come to a better place to improve your vision. The service an d the actual finished product far exceed anywhere I have ever been previously. My previous glasses were a disaster and took away from my ability to look good wearing glasses. After my visit.. A.Teboul
I read about dry eyes in a brochure at Dr. Lee’s office awaiting my first appointment/ visit. It seemed I had this as all the symptoms sounded familiar. Dr. Lee agreed I did have dry eyes and set me up on a plan to decrease the irritation in my eyes. A few weeks later, most.. C. Garcia
My first visit to this office -- very pleased with greetings upon arrival. Front desk gal is very friendly and Dr. Truong made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough in explaining the results of my tests and my needs. Vangie was helpful in going over my insurance plans. T.. E. Amistad
My entire family had been using 20/20 Optometry for about 18 months now and we are so happy to have found this wonderful practice. We are patients of Dr. Truong. Her eye exams are very thorough and she takes time to explain all results to you and makes sure to answer all your que.. J. Whitten
I cannot believe the change I had. I REFUSE to live the life with out the magic glasses Dr. Lee gave to me. I feel much better and relaxed after Dr. Lee found my eye problem and fix it. I have been fighting with it for over 20 years. I really wish I have seen Dr. Lee earlier in m.. J. Zhu
What a wonderful experience - Great people, great products, great service. Shaun is the best! I will refer everyone here. If I have to wear glasses, they should be fun – she gets it!.. L. Osborne
LASIK has given me a new found freedom from glasses that I haven’t had for over 10 years. I can’t explain how great it is to work and stay without the hassle of wearing glasses and the burden of needing to take them with me wherever I go... M. Torrez
A visual trip to the "eye doctor" seems like the most "boring" thing that must get done. However, at 20/20 Optometry, my experience was fun. The whole office staffs made my visit fun and exciting. Kudos to the doctor and her staff... V.Delgado
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Bay Area Eye Doctors Serving San Jose, CA and the Surrounding Areas

  1. Jeanette Lee, O.D
  2. Cynthia Truong, O.D.
  3. Xiao Xiao, O.D.

Jeanette LE, optometrist - serving the bay area, caJeanette Lee, O.D.
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I am originally from Los Angeles, California.  I attended UCLA for my undergraduate work in Biology and completed my doctor of Optometry degree at UC Berkeley. 

After graduation, I left to practice a more extensive scope of optometry in Atlanta, Georgia.  There, I practiced in an office that specialized in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation.  I diagnosed and performed vision training for children and adults who have eye muscle coordination difficulties, "lazy eye," perceptual difficulties, and those with strabismus (one or both eyes turning to one side).  I also helped fit custom medical devices and performed rehabilitation training to help improve the vision function and visual performance for those patients with partial to complete vision loss (Low Vision).  At this clinic, I also served as an adjunct professor to the interns at our clinic.

Medically, I am trained to treat patients with eye infections, eye inflammations, eye injuries, and eye diseases such as glaucoma.  One of my main specialties is treatment of dry eyes.  I developed proven treatment that cures the cause of the dry eyes and not just the symptoms.  I consult with patients about their requirements to change their diet, exercise or overall lifestyle to improve their eye health.  My practice philosophy is that I want patients to be in good medical condition - good health means healthy eyes!  I love taking care of my patients and I can truly say "I love being an optometrist!"

I have over 15 years of experience in consulting refractive surgery and have worked with renowned surgeons in Atlanta and in the Bay Area.  I have a wide range of knowledge in refractive procedures such as RK, LASIK, EPI-LASEK, CLE, PRK, accommodating IOL, and Intacts.  I participated as 1 of 6 national principal investigators for Vistakon clinical trials for their new contact lens design.  I thrive on being at the forefront of new technologies and incorporate this philosophy in my office.

Outside of work, I love playing volleyball and tennis.  As a mother of two, I try to spend as much time as I can with my two boys.  I also enjoy training for 1/2 marathons, triathlons, weight training, cooking, and photography.

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Cynthia Truong, optometrist - serving the bay area, caCynthia Truong, OD
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I entered the field of optometry because of my desire to help others and to serve the community.  I grew up in the Bay Area and pursued undergraduate studies at UC Davis, where I studied Microbiology and Business.  There, I received the Edward Kraft award for academics achievements and was in the Honors Society.  For my Doctor of Optometry degree, I attended Southern California College of Optometry.  I performed my clinical rotation at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and the Optometric Center of Los Angeles. After obtaining my graduate degree, I moved back to the Bay Area.

I have found great joy in forming relationships with my patients, while providing quality vision care.  I enjoy practicing the full scope of optometry, including posterior segment diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.  I am glaucoma, lacrimal, and therapeutic certified.

As for fluency in other languages, I am fluent in Vietnamese, and clinically proficient in Mandarin, and Spanish.  Being able to communicate to patients in their native language has allowed me to better understand and care for my patients.

For leisure, I enjoy bicycling, watching movies, working out, going to comedy clubs, playing tennis, hanging out with friends and cooking.  Most of all, I like trying out new foods at various local restaurants.  Some of my favorite foods include:  seafood cerviche, spring rolls, ahi poke, various salads and sushi.

Xiao Xiao, optometrist serving the bay area, caXiao Xiao, O.D.
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I was born and raised in China and I am fluent in Mandarin. I moved to the U.S. in 2001 to seek a better opportunity for education. I attended UC Berkeley for undergraduate studies. Since there is no optometrist in China, I didn’t know anything about optometry and the importance of primary eye care until my first eye exam in college. My experience of seeing so clearly with contacts on for the first time inspired me to become an optometrist. I, too, wanted to make such a positive impact on people’s quality of life.

After I received my B.A. degree in molecular cell biology from UC Berkeley, I worked for Dr. Jeanette Lee for two years as an optometric assistant. I enjoyed working with Dr. Lee and all the staff because of their passion towards their job in providing excellent patient care. I realized then that optometry was a perfect fit for me and that was the profession I wanted to pursue.

I returned to U.C. Berkeley and completed my Doctor of Optometry degree in 2013. I have seen an extensive number of patients at the Berkeley Eye Clinic and completed my externship at the VA Hospital in Washington State and Arizona. I have worked with both optometrists and ophthalmologists to manage and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, pre- and post-cataract surgery, and diabetic retinopathy. I enjoy fitting contact lenses and treating ocular diseases. I am also certified for glaucoma and pharmaceutical therapy.

I am very excited to return to 20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley as an eye doctor. For me, everyone here feels like my family. I am proud to say that my optometry profession started at 20/20 Optometry, as well as my passion toward eyewear. Thanks to my mentor, Dr. Lee, my success today cannot be achieved without her help and inspiration. Thanks to Shaun, I already have my own collection of 30 pairs of glasses, and I am sure the number will continue to increase.

During my spare time, I enjoy watching NBA basketball, traveling, and trying out various international cuisines, especially desserts. I also love fashion and shopping.

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